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New Stamp Shop Manager

    Connectweb Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce Stamp Shop Manager™ — the latest software developed and produced by the Connectweb Team. SSM™ is a business management solution for your shop. This software is currently in the beta testing stage and is producing positive results from valued beta testers. Stamp Shop Manager integrates fully with your Stamp Shop Web based web site to provide a faster turnaround time to your customers and saves your shop time and money. Stamp Shop Manager works to make the entire work flow more convenient and efficient. SSM™ eliminates re-keying web orders by automatically importing customers from web orders, order items and customization information, shipping information, and payment information. Also, SSM™ will automatically typeset stamps, signs, and seals in CorelDraw for you and it will automatically update orders from CorelDraw as well, saving you time in the long run.
     Another aspect to the software is its ability to automate the shipping of orders. With full tracking and order status information your customers can view where their orders are in the process between the time they order to the time they receive it in the mail. This feature works with StarShip, UPS World Ship, and ShipRush. Stamp Shop Manager is a great business solution for Stamp Shop Web based web site owners because of its timesaving and money saving attributes. To learn more visit
Welcome Cweb Vault!

    Ever have your computer crash on you and you lose all your personal files, well no more! Connectweb Technologies, creators of Stamp Shop Web, introduce Cweb VaultTM , the latest software to back-up your in house computers. The software is offered in four levels to provide each customer with the requirements they need.

    Personal: For 1 PC and up to 10GB of data     Standard: For 5 PC's and up to 50GB of data     Business: For 10 PC's and up to 100GB of data     Enterprise: For 15 PC's and up to 250GB of
                                                                                     data with 1 server

  The Standard and Business levels do not come with a server but for an additional charge one can be added to your service. With these four levels you can choose the plan that best fits you and your company. This software is not just for Stamp Shop Web users but, for anyone who owns a computer and would like a backup service to protect their documents in case they encounter computer trouble. You can back-up important documents, photos, music and more! We are currently offering a 30 day free trial in each level for you to try this new software before you buy! To download your free trial visit and start protecting your valuable data today!
New PowerTool! Status Updater

    Connectweb Technologies, Inc. is proud to introduce Status Updater, a PowerTool that can assist you in changing the status of any order right from your desktop. Using Status Updater saves you time and effort when updating any order status within your site and even allows you to enter shipping data such as the order tracking number, so that you can track orders easier. This tool allows you to update many orders in one place at one time, eliminating the hassle to physically go into each order one-by-one in the admin. You can change an order status to be marked as paid, shipped, complete, on hold, pending/ authorized, and much more now with this easy-to-use tool. This is a free download that you will need to purchase (for $0) and then download on the receipt page or within the confirmation e-mail. So why not expedite the time you spend on changing order statuses by using this new PowerTool!
Click here to start using Status Updater today!